Liberalism and Chinese Economic Development brings international contributors together in order to consider economic, political, social and legislative aspects of China’s modernization. This volume explores how liberalism is received and perceived, and whether it is adapted or adopted upon the basis of centuries of Chinese civilization and decades of capitalism.

China’s role in the global economy is an undeniable force. This book examines both historical and contemporary dimensions surrounding the question of Chinese liberalism, exploring China’s economic development in a comparative context. In particular, this text explores differences with the Western model, and more specifically, the relationship between Chinese economic thought and European traditions. This text assesses China’s economic development at both a macro and a micro level, and also considers its relationship with its neighbours.

Campagnolo answers whether free-trade and capitalistic economic developments are long sustainable without other types of liberal developments? Or is the idea that political liberties and economic freedom are just Western ideologies? This is a uniquely wide ranging book, suitable for scholars of the Chinese economy, the history of economic thought, economic philosophy and international political economy.

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